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3 days in London

April 2009

Last April, we went for a fabulous trip to London


Friday April 3 : Maiden Flight for the “Marmottes”, then London express train from airport, bus and we are finally we finally reach the Shakespeare hotel for a short night's sleep.

Saturday April 4 : We take the Big Bus to go around the city
First step “Hyde Park” and “Buckingham Palace” for the changing of the guard who will be called “the Josiane”.
ta ta ta ta ta ta...
The Mall, large avenue from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar square, Picadilly Circus, Big Ben and the Parliament, London Eye, St Paul’s Cathedral, We finally stop at the Tower of London for a typical “Fish & Chips” of course !
Then, let’s go to the docks, Tower Bridge, a fabulous river cruise on the Thames (turn your head to the right, to the left ...).

Cocktails, restaurants, and bedtime ...

Sunday April 5: Big Bus to Covent Garden, Soho, China Town... then lunch to the park.
Finally, the great cultural moment … the British Museum , specially for Cathy, to see the “Rosetta Stone” !
Then we take a taxi to meet Sylvie’s cousin and her husband. The ‘Bronzés” are born ... “Super Bingo” at the pub before the Indian restaurant and then sleep ...

Monday April 6: 8:30 am Go to Westminster Abbey for someone and free time for the others.

We all meet in Camden for a crazy market at lunch time
But it’s already time to return. We run to the hotel to take the luggage, then express train, airplane, a last little song for Cathy and we are back to Communay at Samy & Scooby’s home to share the last moments of this “terrific week end”.


Special thanks to the organizers Laura , Cathy and the others and special thanks to our guide Valerie.

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